Matt bowed their heads and lit a cigarette and looked at Lin Chengdong and muttered, "Mom, this job is like cheating, and it’s still a little exciting …"
Chuanfu area
Ucg left by plane early in the morning, and the old guest Jiyuan, who was close to Xiao Ge, also planned to take people away, but Qin Yu looked at him with some excessive enthusiasm and hoped that he would stay for another two days.
This makes Lao Qi somewhat flattered, because although he plays the role of a guest, the actual arms sale depends on the quantity, quality and price, and the biggest source of arms closest to the Sichuan government is Brother Xiao, a group of people in the Seventh District, who are not too short of customers. After the northwest line fire, there was a queue to buy goods, which is why Lao Qi wanted to see Qin Yu very much before. He wanted to keep preferential prices for a long time.
So Lao Qi is a little noisy. Why is Qin Yu so enthusiastic about him because he helped him with his distant mountains?
As soon as Qin Yu retained him, Lao Qi’s idea of child prodigy became much more.
Near noon
Qin Yuzheng was thinking about something in the brigade commander’s office when he suddenly received a message from the infantry.
"There’s someone on the other side of Geyuan Mountain."
“……!” Qin Yu immediately cheered up. "How many people came?"
"Just three people"
"Just three …" Qin Yu frowned. "What do you mean?"
"Three Danshan mobile whistle said that there was movement in the distant life town. At least two or three hundred cars stopped at the south exit and I didn’t know what to do." Daya answered truthfully.
"Who is the leader?"
"Ha ha, it’s heavy all Mr. Suo." Fang said with a smile.
Qin Yu pondered for a long time. "Ok, then meet this Mr. Suo. Let them come."
"Good" fangs nodded.
Qin Yu hung up and pondered for a long time, then shouted, "Call Li Shihong in after Ji Lin, Wang Tianhui and Li Zhanhong."
"good!" Cha Meng nodded his head.
A few minutes later, the main officer came into the office to discuss the countermeasures with Qin Yu in collusion.
After about forty minutes.
A military vehicle led an off-road vehicle into the brigade headquarters. Mr. Suo was too brave and a driver swaggered in.
Ou Xiaobin, the brigade compound, shouted with his back, "The guard camp is in harmony!"
Hundreds of soldiers suddenly rushed out of the barracks, armed with guns, in their respective positions.
"Raise your gun!" Ou Xiaobin glared at shouted.
Voice down hundreds of soldiers ministry of war aimed their guns at the courtyard Mr Ye and others.
Sawyer looked at the soldier with a smile on his face next to the car, but he was too brave behind him, and the driver looked serious, and his body trembled
"Fire!" Ou Xiaobin shouted at attention.
When the driver heard this, he could run around and touch it. He was too brave to drag the door and almost stepped into the car.
Mr. Sawyer reached out and grabbed the driver’s arm and said flatly, "Don’t panic!"
"High-pitched …!"
Dull and neat, the gun hit the bomb and hit the sky
"Pay tribute to the ten comrades who died!" Ou Xiaobin roared.
The soldier’s department closed its gun and stood at attention and saluted.
Too brave and the driver are already sweating all over at the moment.
"Please!" Fang said with a smile
Mr. Suo nodded with his hand behind his back. "Let’s go!"
Meeting room on the second floor in ten minutes.
"Who’s this?" Qin Yu chair asked 1.
"This is Mr. Suoye, the commander of the Chongdu Joint Defense Army!" The driver replied with a straight face.
"ah!" Qin Yu nodded and sat still.
"Suo Xianglong" Mr. Suo held out his palm and said,
Qin Yu saw that he reached out and got up and shook hands with him. "Qin Yu, come and sit down!"
Everyone didn’t greet Mr. Suo too much. After they sat down, Qin Yu bluntly asked, "What is the matter with Mr. Suo coming to me?"
"Yes" Mr. Sawyer stepped in to nod.
Shi Qilin, Wang Tianhui and Li Shihong, the battalion commander of the artillery battalion, discussed the fortifications in the most marginal position. They ignored Mr. Suoye and the house guards had no eyesight, and they didn’t even order some tea.
Mr. Sawyer looked at Qin Yu with mirth and said, "I’m heavy, but I heard what happened here."
"Well" Qin Yu responded with a straight face.
"I personally think it is a misunderstanding that the Qin brigade commander conflicts with the people in the distant life town …"
"No, you’re wrong. I didn’t have any conflict with the people. The problem stems from robbing military building materials and killing our soldiers." Qin Yu interrupted and answered.
"Ha ha" Mr. Sawyer smiled and stepped in. "I said that the misunderstanding may be caused by some people who eat bread on the road in the distant life town here, but it is difficult to have some contacts after the garrison and the people have always complemented each other. I think it is not good to make it too stiff."
"Then what do you think is the right solution?" Qin yuwen
"You caught a guy, didn’t you?"
"We didn’t catch and kill the bandits, but rescued them, and he admitted that he had something to do with killing our soldiers." Qin Yu responded carefully.