Don’t say don’t meet Gan twice. Both sides gave him real help.
Although the help is not particularly big, it does save Xu Le a lot of trouble
"Mr. Gan"
Sitting in the consulting room, I put the information in my hand and took off my black-rimmed glasses.
Slowly get up and hold out your hand towards Xu Le.
"Xu Le, we are colleagues from today."
"It’s my honor to work with Mr. Gan."
Xu Le and Gump shook hands and Wang Shuze knocked at the door.
"All right, I’ll take you to communicate. I’ll go to the executive department."
"Brother Tree, walk slowly"
Watched Wang Shu from Xu Le slightly stiff look at Gansu.
"What should we do when Mr. Gan takes over?"
Gan mirth pointed to the seat.
"It’s amazing to sit with Captain Bai Jing and say that you have become a psychic or that you have been promoted by ritual!"
"I’m flattered by Mr. Gan’s promotion that day. There was some luck in it. I really don’t know anything."
Xu Le, this is not modesty. He really doesn’t know anything.
"Don’t sell yourself short. Luck is a kind of strength for warlocks.
The captain told me before that you came out by the wild road and had no experience in warlock learning.
You know what? From today, we will start with a month-long basic knowledge training.
Do you think it is feasible to start with the basic knowledge of warlocks? "
Xu Le was a little excited to hear that Gan wanted to teach himself basic warlock knowledge. This is the real teaching.
A traveler, he knows that knowledge is power.
Although the soul tree can control his emotions, Xu Le feels that he should not be too calm at this time.
Young people should behave like young people, otherwise people will wonder if you are polluted by ancient music.
"Mr. Gan!" Xu Le’s expression is excited and awkward.
"Why? What’s the problem to say? "
"Either … I’ll go to your house to brush the toilet for a few days, or I won’t be practical in this study."
Gan was first one leng and then felt white in hindsight.
"the amount? Ha ha ha ha Xu Le, don’t think too much about these things. Even if I don’t teach you, you can look them up in the night watchman’s database yourself. "
"Inquiring by yourself and being taught are two different things. Thank you, Mr. Gan. Thank you very much."