"Do you think this is not the speed limit of a car or a license plate?"
"… white …" Traffic police two wars made a salute "please … please pass"
"Thank you" Liu Jinge nodded with satisfaction.
"Yes … yes, please go to the DMV to reissue the license plate sometimes …" The traffic police added.
"The old man knows that it’s hard to patrol at night."
Watching the mechanical giant dog rumble away, the traffic police hit the com. "Headquarters … the crisis is over … patrol car No.35 is about to return …"
Before he finished speaking, he suddenly heard a rumble of running. By the light, he saw another guy running on the road, which was bigger than the monster just now and looked like an ox.
"Stop! You are speeding!" With previous experience, the traffic police summoned up the courage to stop it.
"Boom, boom, boom" didn’t stop. He stepped on his patrol car.
"Boom!" A patrol car was squashed
The rumble continued to drift away.
Daniel ran after the giant dog.
Cleisthenes! I haven’t licked Lord Zhuang for ten minutes. Daniel misses him so much. Daniel is going after Lord Zhuang!
Sahuan, a high-energy plane plant, thought like this and didn’t notice the smallness of her feet at all.
"Headquarters Headquarters, this is patrol car 35. Please send a patrol car to pick me up … send a trailer …"
Half an hour later, a patrol car arrived and saw the crushed patrol car. His colleagues were shocked.
"What the hell happened here?"
"Nothing happened. I didn’t see anything. There were no dogs, no cows, no speeding. Hahahaha …" The traffic police were confused.
Chapter 79 Who stole the farmhouse?
Running all the way bypassed Magic Mountain and came to Jia Hu in about an hour.
This is faster than the car.
The engine is still running smoothly, and the oil in the fuel tank has only burned less than a quarter, so it seems that it will never come or go back.
The only problem is that the giant dog’s mouth is a little humble. Not far from Zhuang, he ordered Deng Yali to say, "I’ll decorate this place for the villa owner later."
"Zha!" Deng Yaliying
Booming father and daughter want to cry and watch their home be expropriated and become a new toy not far from Zhuang.
There is a different kind of tranquility in the moonlight in Jiahu Lake. The calm waves on the lake reflect the lights on the shore like a mirror.
The night is deeper, the breeze blows to the lake, and a night fog rises, making the surroundings blurred like a fantasy.
But suddenly a noise broke the silence of the night, and several gangsters flapped at the gate of a family and shouted, "Why don’t you go?" Go, go! "
As soon as the door creaked, a family, old and young, came out of the farmhouse.
There are white-haired old people and four or five-year-old children. They are reluctant to look at the farmhouse in front of them. The old man has tears in his eyes and the children are crying.
"What are you crying about? Cry again and throw you into the lake! " At the sight of the angry man, the old man, the timid woman and the frightened children, the first gangster roared with laughter and seemed to enjoy being feared.
"Get out of here! God, there’s nothing here! What are you doing here? I plan to be buried with him! " The gangsters drove the family out of the car. "I remember your name and address. You’d better not want to make trouble or … hey hey …"
Behind him, a few gangsters, younger brother, are laughing and barking, which is even more frightening to this family.
The car sped away from the gangsters, and their fierce faces turned into drowsiness, swearing and kicking to drive away mosquitoes at night.
"Bite dead bite dead! This job is fucking fucked up! Hurry up and go back to rest! " The gangster waved his hand. "There’s the last one!"
This year, the society is not easy to mix, and it is very rare to get overtime pay like Wen Liuquan’s little brothers.
At this time, the gangster’s mobile phone rang. He glanced at it and immediately bowed and picked it up. "Is the assistant here? Please let Jia always rest assured that there will never be a problem here … how many have already left? There is the last true self left. I will never lie to you … "
When the eldest brother was talking, there was a bang in the night. Big brother felt very noisy, frowned and turned his back and took two steps to one side, covered his microphone and continued to talk.
While his younger brothers were stunned to see the sound source.
A shadow slowly emerged from the darkness, from obscurity to clarity, and gradually presented a ferocious appearance, like a hellhound escaping from the hell gate.